Spring has well and truly sprung at Little Owl Farm Park, which means it’s a fantastic time to visit the farm.

With Spring comes new life and we have an abundance of it here at the farm. Why not meet some of our chicks at one of our Animal Encounters or meet some of our new arrivals in the Lambing Shed.

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Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
What a beautiful bit of sunshine we have been treated to this morning β˜€

Very different to yesterday 🌧

We're open Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm during term time. Pre booking is only required on weekends, bank holidays and school holidays. So come along and enjoy the sunshine πŸ¦‰
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Remember, we're now open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am - 5pm πŸ¦‰

There's no need to pre book on a weekday during term time, you can just turn up πŸ‘
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Hey, what happened to the sun? β˜€

After a lovely Easter holidays I suppose we were due a bit of rain, the grass and ducks have enjoyed it that's for sure! πŸ¦†

It's stopped raining here for now and we have plenty going on indoors and outdoors still. We've got four indoor play areas, three outdoor play areas plus all of the animal areas too! πŸŽ‰

We are now open Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm and during the week, there is no need to prebook πŸ‘
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
It's Bank Holiday Monday but that's not the only thing we are celebrating today... πŸŽ‰

Today is the 2nd May, which means we are FINALLY allowed to let our outside birds back out in to their enclosures. Due to the Avian Influenza disease, restrictions put in place by DEFRA meant that our normally outdoor poultry have had to remain in our various indoor areas πŸ”

Going forward, we envisage Avian Influenza to be an annual recurring problem, so we are beginning work on our outdoor poultry areas so in the future, they will have a much better quality of life during any further restrictions and still be able to access the outdoors. This will be another significant project for the farm, but we believe our poultry and visitors will see this as another welcome improvement to the welfare of our birds πŸ‘

The birds are looking a bit scruffy due to malting (natural feather shedding process) and the lack of their usual Vitamin D, however, a bit of time in the sun and outside in the fresh air will see this improve over the next few weeks β˜€

Why not pick up a bag of Corn Mix on arrival to give them a well deserved treat πŸ₯°

Remember, as it's a Bank Holiday, pre-booking is required, so please head to www.littleowlfarmpark.co.uk to book now πŸ“±
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Happy Sunday to all of our followers - we hope you're all having a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend so far πŸ¦‰

We thought we'd do a quick post about our male rhea as a number of visitors over the last few days have noticed him being a lot quieter than usual 😴

He is currently and very attentively sat on his nest of eggs in the hope of hatching some chicks out. He does this every year but unfortunately without much success, but maybe this will be the year that he finally gets his chicks! 🀞

We have had a number of visitors report to the team that there is a dead rhea in the middle of the field, however, it is just Rupert the Rhea lying very still and low on his nest. This is an instinctive behaviour, as if he was in the wild he would have to behave like this to avoid attracting any predators to himself and his nest 🀐

Rhea are fascinating birds and apart from laying the eggs (which is done by the females), the males; build the nests, sit on the eggs and they will even raise the chicks until they are approximately six months old πŸ₯š

What a guy! See if you can spot Rupert the Rhea in his enclosure on your next visit. You never know, there might even be some chicks in a few weeks time... 🐣
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire
Hello sunshine β˜€

What a glorious start to the three day weekend, but will we be treated to it all weekend? Who knows with the Great British weather!? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Come rain or shine there is plenty going on at the farm park this weekend. We have a variety of animal encounters, our four indoor play areas and our three outdoor play areas as well as our various animal areas too! 🀩

As it's the Bank Holiday weekend, pre-booking is required. To book your tickets, please head to www.littleowlfarmpark.co.uk πŸ¦‰


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