Once a purchase has been made, you are accepting these terms and conditions as a basis of any contract between Little Owl Farm Park Ltd and yourself. No contract exists between yourself and Little Owl Farm Park Ltd until payment has been received, and your order is accepted by us.


Prices & Purchases

  1. Prices and descriptions of services purchased, are displayed at the time of placing an order.
    Prices are in UK Sterling and inclusive of all applicable taxes. Once payment has been made – prices will not be increased.
  2. Prices displayed on the website are subject to change without notice.
  3. Entry prices are in accordance with those displayed at point of entry.
  4. On applying for any discounts, the policies displayed upon entry must be adhered to. Discounts will not be given to those that don’t meet the necessary criteria.
  5. Prices are charged from 1 years of age. Proof, in the form of a birth certificate, may be required upon entry if applying for free entry for under 1s.

Terms of Entry

  1. It is a term of entry that all Terms and Conditions are understood, accepted and adhered to. Failure to do so may result in non-admission or rejection from the park.
  2. All health and safety signage (and information presented in the map handouts on arrival) throughout the park must be adhered to.
  3. It is also understood that for any reason beyond our control, attractions or the whole farm park may have to be closed or altered, without notice.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in all areas inside the Farm Park – This is for the comfort and safety of all of our visitors. There is a smoking area on the carpark.
  5. Our ‘Code of Conduct’, stated on the website and on entry must be adhered to. This is for the comfort and safety of our visitors and staff. If a visitors’ behaviour is unacceptable, in accordance with our ‘Code of Conduct’, they may be asked to leave the park without a refund.
  6. Only guide dogs are permitted onto the Farm Park premises. No other Dogs are allowed.
    The carpark is free of charge, and is for the convenience of our customers. Little Owl Farm Park Ltd will take no responsibility for any loss or damages that occur on our carpark. Once the carpark and overflow car park are full, we have reached our full capacity and may have to deny entry. If you leave the Farm Park and wish to re-enter that day, you must take the necessary steps, as outlined in the Reception area, to ensure you don’t get re-charged upon entry (this may be in the form of getting a stamp).
  7. No refunds are to be made, once entry to the park is gained. Tickets may be transferable, at the managements discretion.
  8. Visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied and supervised, at all times, by an individual 18 years or over.
  9. The café is NOT operated as a separate business, and therefore entry prices for the farm park must be paid in order to access the café also.
  10. Any breakages or damage caused by reckless behaviour to any of our attractions or shop stock must be reimbursed in full.
  11. Any demonstrations and activities are subject to change.
  12. If any child has religious or health requirements, meaning that they cannot be around certain animals etc. Please make arrangements around this yourselves, as Little Owl Farm Park will not be able to make adjustments.
  13. Little Owl Farm Park take no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings that occurs on or around Little Owl Farm Park or premises. Children and dependents are the responsibility of their parents, carers or supervisors.

Annual Memberships

  1. All terms of entry and pricing, must be accepted in addition to these following terms.
  2. Your Membership pass entitles the named person(s) to visit free any day we are open for 12 consecutive months (Please note: we do close annually for a winter shut down –this varies each year, and will be for approximately 5-7 weeks).
  3. Photos of all individuals named on the pass must be taken upon purchase or previously sent though electronically, before any payment is taken.
  4. Events are subject to change without notice and no refunds are given should the Farm Park close due to circumstances beyond our control.
  5. Memberships cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offer, voucher or events.
    A Membership only applies to general Farm Park admission. Some extra charges may apply at times.
  6. Little Owl Farm Park reserves the right to remove the offer of a membership at any point during the year.
  7. Lost/damaged passes are subject to a £5 replacement charge (we will use the photos on our system).
  8. Membership Passes are not interchangeable or transferable for any reason.
  9. Little Owl Farm Park reserves the right to refuse renewal or withdraw membership at any time.
  10. Personal or verbal abuse of staff will not be tolerated and Little Owl Farm Park reserve the right to refuse admission and revoke membership if the ‘Code of Conduct’ is not adhered to.
  11. On purchase of your annual pass, you are giving Little Owl Farm Park consent to keep details and photos you have provided on record. These details will not be passed onto any third parties.
  12. If you forget your pass, we will look up the photos on the system on arrival. If you forget your pass twice, you will be asked to pay the £5 renewal fee. We will not keep checking the system.


  1. All parties must adhere to all terms of entry and prices, in addition to the following terms.
  2. A health and safety document is provided on confirmation of a party booking. On signing this document, you agree that you have read, understood and have passed on this information to all necessary persons.
  3. Hosts are able to have all day entry to the Farm Park, meaning that they may come in before the party but this is limited to the Host and Birthday Childs immediate family (not exceeding more than 6 people, based on the birthday child, a sibling, the parents and grandparents). They are unable to bring party things in until the party room access time (15mins before the party starts).
  4. Other Guests are not permitted to arrive before the starting time of the party. Any early arrivals will be asked to wait in their cars, or will be charged for entry beforehand.
  5. Party schedules and other documents are accessible on confirmation of booking – these are subject to changes without notice.
  6. The maximum party size is 25 children- we have the right to refuse entry to any additional party guests that exceed the specified amount.
  7. It is your responsibility to provide us with your guest-list, and additional information (including any allergies etc.) no less than 1 week before your party. If your guest list isn’t provided on time, we reserve the right to set up the party based on your original predicted numbers.
  8. Any changes to your party (in terms of numbers etc.) must be done with at least 48 hours notice via telephone.
  9. The party policy is 1 free adult per child guest, and therefore any additional adults or siblings will be charged normal entry fees. 2 free adults are permitted with the birthday child.
  10.  On departure of the party, the host will receive a free return pass for the birthday child – this pass is non-transferable and is valid for 12months. The pass must be presented upon arrival, and we will not re-issue lost passes.
  11. All remaining payments must be settled before departure of the party, including any tabs set up with the café

Schools & Groups

  1. All schools and groups must adhere to all terms of entry and prices, in addition to the following terms.
  2. A health and safety document is provided on confirmation of a school or group booking. On signing this document, you agree that you have read, understood and have passed on this information to all necessary persons.
  3. We also provide copies of our own risk assessments, but you are encouraged to still conduct your own, as these are strictly guidelines only (There is opportunity for this, as we offer two adults free entry before your visit – strictly not valid during the Easter holidays).
  4. Cash/card/cheque payment may be taken on arrival. Or an invoice can be sent out on the day, and must be made payable via BACS within 30 days of your visit. We do not refund any payments once they are taken. If you cancel your booking, and haven’t yet paid your invoice, we will charge you a £50 cancellation fee, which must be paid at the time of cancellation. Dates may be transferable, subject to availability, up to 2 weeks before your arranged visit. If you wish to change the date less than 2 weeks before your arranged visit, you may be charged the £50 cancellation fee in addition to your invoice total.

Online Bookings & Payments

  1. Online payments are non-refundable, but may be transferable (at the managements discretion).
  2. Party bookings require a deposit, which covers the minimum cost of the party (10 children for your chosen time slot)

Privacy Policy

You are in control of what information we collect about you. We may ask for information about yourself when purchasing tickets or products through the website, or when registering for promotions, entering competitions, or completing surveys or feedback. By submitting your personal details, you consent to the use of the information as set out in this policy.

Every effort is made to maintain your confidentiality when securing an online payment. This includes the confidentiality of your card details and other personal information. To ensure your online shopping experience is secure, your details will be encrypted on a secure server, and not passed on to any third parties.

If you have submitted your data, you may occasionally receive marketing emails enabling you to keep up to date with offers and events linked to Little Owl Farm Park Ltd. If at any time you wish to be removed from a database please contact info@littleowlfarmpark.co.uk As soon after this as is reasonably practicable, we will remove your name from the relevant database.


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Thank you so much to everyone who has suggested names for our five new meerkat pups, we are busy looking through all of the comments/suggestions 😊

Here they are enjoying the sun with their 'gang' ☀️ they are all having a nice, lazy afternoon.

We hope you're all enjoying the sun too 🥰
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☀️Happy Monday - we hope you had a good weekend☀️

Spring is one of our favourite times of year, not just because we welcome our own baby animals, but also all that nature brings too 🥚

Are you lucky enough to have any birds nesting in your garden/home? We came across this nest (very carefully so as not to disturb them) the other day in one of our bales of straw. Can you guess what type of bird these are? 🐦

We have spotted four nests around the farm park so far, in different buildings and our nature trail. Isn't nature amazing! 🥰
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TGIF - and what a treat we have for you this Friday. Be warned, it's a super cute one! 🥰

Four weeks ago, we welcomed five, yes five, new meerkat pups to the farm park. It's not very often we have baby meerkats so we were very surprised to see that we had five!

We are pleased to report that mum and her pups are doing very well and we're now getting ready to integrate them with the rest of the 'mob' 👶

But five names is a lot of names to think of, could you help us? It's a little early to confirm if they are boys or girls just yet but we're sure that won't phase you 😊
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🦚 Does my bum look big in this? 🦚

Our Peacocks are looking very handsome at the moment, just look at those beautiful tail feathers 😍
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🇬🇧 Happy VE Day from all of our residents at Little Owl Farm Park 🇬🇧

We hope you are able to celebrate the 75 year anniversary as best as you can this weekend 🎉
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Oh deer, and you thought your home haircuts were bad... 🙈

It's that time of year when the bucks 'cast' their antlers, ready for their new set to grow. Isn't it amazing that he will have finished growing his new set in just 16 weeks time!

And please don't worry, this is a natural process and does not hurt the bucks 🦌 which happens every year.
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What's worse than dad dancing? Grandad pressure washing 🙈 Don't give up the day job Farmer Jim! 👨‍🌾

Despite being closed due to the lockdown, we have lots to keep us busy, including giving the picnic benches a good clean after winter.

Another thing we are working on, is adding some new party rooms. Even though we don't know when we will be able to use them, we are trying to keep ourselves busy and make the farm park even better for our visitors ready for when we reopen 😊

However, we have come to a stumbling block as we are struggling to source plaster. If anyone has a contact where we might be able to source 15 bags of plaster, please drop us a PM 😊

Wishing you all well during these difficult times, keep going and hopefully we'll see you soon 💗
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🐥 When someone tells you a joke and it's not funny...🦆 ... See MoreSee Less

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When they government tell us lockdown is over... 😆🎉

Our ducks are always super excited when we let them out in the mornings, especially when the sun is out 🦆
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1 month ago

Little Owl Farm Park, Worcestershire

🐷 Playing Little Owl Farm Park 🐰

Thank you Fiona for sending us this photo of your little ones playing Little Owl Farm Park. It melted our hearts 💗

We're really missing all of our visitors but it such a fantastic feeling knowing that you are all still thinking of us during these difficult times 🥰

Has anyone else been playing Little Owl Farm Park at home? 🏡
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🐝 What's in your garden? 🐝

What a wet Saturday, at least it's looking a bit better for next week 🌞

Spring is a fantastic time to get in the garden and see the smaller creatures that share it with you. Have you seen any bumblebees yet? Mandy rescued this one (very carefully) from our soft play barn - zoom in to see how amazing its wings are 🔬

Here's some fun facts for you about bumblebees:

- Bumblebees harvest nectar and pollen from flowering plants 💐
- They live in smaller groups than honeybees and do not tend to swarm
- Bumblebees hibernate underground! 🏡
- Bumblebees scent mark flowers they have visited
- Bumblebees are extremely important to our ecosystems and help to pollinate plants, which allows plants to reproduce 🌳
- Flowers that bumblebees love are; Rosemary, Foxgloves, Lavender, Chives, Red clover, Single-flowered dahlias, plus many more 🌺 Do you have any of these in your garden?
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🐷 Rainy Day Fun 🐷

Charlotte the sows piglets aren't letting the rain spoil their fun this weekend 🌧

They're having lots of fun playing inside 🥰

Happy piglets, but unfortunately no peace and quiet for Charlotte this afternoon 🙈 I'm sure there are plenty of parents feeling the same today!
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